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A digital entertainment company, providing premium gaming & solutions to some of the world§Ó??s most successful online game operators.


We ensure our games are designed and marketed for an adult audience and support players with the tools necessary for a safe and controlled experience when playing our games.
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Premium Gaming

Our games are innovative and highly sophisticated. Our RNG and virtual games is a unique game with Smat virtual signature.

Why choose Us?

Top Profit Games

Your company will benefit from our extensive experience working with market leaders fine tuning our games and systems.

Why choose Us?

Instant Results

Our games are completed within minutes, multichannel solutions designed to providing near-instant results and payout.

Our Virtual Games

Dice Tournament

Our fantasy virtual dice game tournament let players setup scheduled games and invite players to Join in their tournament.


Sugar Daddy

A fast-paced modern like French Roulette, with built-in player engagement features. thanks to the inherent unpredictability involved in the action of virtual spinning.


Money Show

A random selection game where people win big money every 5 Minutes.


Each game is tailored to customer and market needs, while also capturing the exciting gameplay product for lotteries and operators around the world.

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